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Mingamos catalyzes the collaboration between social, environmental, and cultural projects to help them better the experience of each member involved.

The Mingamos vision:

We are Mingamos and we believe that each one of us can contribute something to improve the world around us. For us, solidarity is a very powerful engine of change. However, we are all familiar with the same challenges that come with coordinating projects of multiple volunteers, from the preparation to the rotation of the teams.

For this reason, Mingamos exists to facilitate each act of solidarity. It exists so we can focus on simply getting it done.

The people who participate in the creation in Mingamos are NGO coordinators, foundations, volunteers, managers of corporate social responsibility, university professors, among others. Their support created what today is Mingamos and what it will be tomorrow: a human solution at the service of solidarity.


We created Mingamos so that no act of solidarity goes unnoticed.


Shared Values:

  1. Collaboration & Solidarity

  2. Mutual & Constant Learning

  3. Confidence

  4. Transparency

  5. Impact


  • Streamline coordination between all members involved in projects, especially with the volunteers

  • Amplify the communication of the organizations about their performance and results

  • Facilitate transparency of social activities and their of their global and local impact

  • Value the learning of skills and the performance of organizations and volunteers

  • Stimulate a cohesive and supportive community of continuous learning and exchange among all members of organizations at the Latin American level


What is Mingamos: Mingamos is an organization that seeks to facilitate the collaboration and visibility of activities and volunteer-based projects through technological tools adapted to their needs, regardless of the size of the organization.


What is the community: The community of Mingamos are people who seek to contribute their ideas, efforts, and knowledge to improve their community, regardless of the size of the organziation in which they belong. They are dedicated to better their environment, whether it be on a local or global level, in collaboration with others in the undertaking of social, environmental and cultural projects of solidarity.

To ensure this impact is visible, the members seek to measure and use the tools availbale to facilitate their coordination and ensure that everyone can contribute in the best way possible. Finally, each member seeks to collaborate with each other to share their experiences and knowledge and to learn from each other to grow individually and together.


What inspires Mingamos: the opportunity to reduce the operational burden of coordination and management of volunteers and communication of results with external actors for coordinators, also to facilitate monitoring, integration, and visibility of volunteers and their activities.


What inspires the community: friendships, knowledge, personal development, a place to grow, to face challenges, and share success.


Who started Mingamos: Mingamos started with a small group of friends who wanted to design a solution to a problem constantly found in various organizations and in various initiatives driven by volunteers: the operational burden of collaboration between volunteers, coordinators, and others. Based on their technological knowledge and experience they decided to solve this problem by putting the coordination of projects into the hands of each person to return agility to project management so that everyone can focus on their most important tasks and enjoy the experience of improving communities. 


To involve oneself in a volunteer project means to seek to contribute to your community, and in order to put this desire into practice this desire should neither be difficult nor frustrating for anyone. The only challenge should be to solve the problem identified, but to organize the project itself should not be a problem. These were the driving factors that inspired Mingamos. HOwever, all of this would be nothing without each of the people who contributed to the development and shared their knowledge and experiences. Mingamos started because we did not just want to discuss the problem, we wanted to solve it. We hope that Mingamos contributes to you as well. If you feel the same, share your experiences so that all can see that it is easy to collaborate on a project with good tools and support.